Strategic Communications

Consistent internal and external communications are crucial to shaping a powerful brand, consolidating stakeholder expectations, furthering objectives, and securing buy-in for key initiatives. Integrating strategic communication across core disciplines gives resonance to the corporate vision and builds a strong culture.

Speaking with One Voice

Strategic communications begin with a common language. Throughout our engagements — from vision to realization — we work with clients to craft key messages that resonate with all relevant stakeholders.

  • Strategy Alignment — Decoding corporate culture through language and developing messages to advance the strategy, empower internal champions, and foster favorable external perceptions
  • Internal Brand Development — Creating key top-line corporate messages so that all stakeholder touchpoints provide consistency and reinforcement of mission, vision and values
  • External Brand Positioning — Guiding the alignment of marketing, public relations and sales to the value proposition through the eyes of their constituencies
  • Crisis Communications — Proactively planning for a range of “what-if” scenarios, assessing each key initiative with an eye toward success, points of friction, and potential reputational risks

Positioning strategic communications as the backbone of the corporate value chain, rather than as a distinct discipline, furthers the corporate vision, enhancing alignment and ensuring all stakeholders (and the broader public) understand and favorably view the firm’s value proposition, strategy, and human capital.

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