John M. Patti

Chief Technology Officer

John M. Patti has been with Tilman & Company since its inception in 2008 and has been actively engaged in client advisory projects as well as internal information technology systems and initiatives. Additionally, he has maintained his tenured appointment in technology at Stony Brook University. Over his 20-year career, Mr Patti has focused on the effective provisioning, configuration, and operation of software and hardware systems and related infrastructure. His background spans the implementation and support of large networks as well as implementation of complex systems for analytics as well as secure storage of sensitive data. Mr. Patti has an extensive background in data security and storage replication, including software and hardware components, that improve reliability, fault-tolerance and accessibility of companies and operating processes.

Mr. Patti holds graduate degrees in computer engineering and business administration from Stony Brook University. His undergraduate education was completed at the Northeastern University in Boston.