Risk Advisory

Risk intelligence is vital for corporate survival, information pills success and relevance. Tilman & Company equips boards and executives with strategies, price analytical frameworks and forward-looking tools to facilitate new ways of seeing. Encouraging organizations to speak a common risk language enables them to think holistically about risk, symptoms uncertainty and opportunity.

New Ways of Seeing

Risk intelligence represents both a strategic imperative and a powerful adaptive advantage. Seeing how trends and environments impact strategy when viewed through this new lens enables organizations to conceptualize the “the future that has already happened.” This fosters effective communication and institutional change, empowering sustainable growth, profitability, and relevance.

  • From Risk Management to Risk Intelligence — Helping organizations reposition risk management from a policing function to a strategic resource central to decision making
  • Leveraging Data Intelligence — Utilizing advanced tools and systems to translate vast amounts of data into actionable information
  • Extracting Value from Risk — Applying risk intelligence to competitive strategy, new products and services, resource allocation, cost optimization and identification of new opportunities
  • Sustainable Performance through Crisis Management — Enabling effective crisis management through forward-looking tools, actions, and strategic communication plans

We help organizations evolve—by integrating forward-looking and ongoing risk intelligence with strategic planning, new business development, M&A and governance—to proactively utilize risk in creating value, strengthening relevance, and improving competitiveness.