Predictive Analytics & Data Intelligence

Looking beyond the numbers to capitalize on nascent trends, patient interdependencies and emerging opportunities is critical to achieving superior economic performance. Predictive analytics is a core strategic discipline informing risk intelligence, price competitive intelligence, and business intelligence — key drivers of effective corporate strategy.

From Data to Insight and Action

Tilman & Company predictive analytics team works closely with the firm’s strategy, risk advisory, and organizational practices to analyze and illuminate large and complex datasets, revealing important trends and turning data into insight conducive to effective decision making and governance. Some of our recent predictive analytics assignments focused on:

  • Characteristics and Drivers of Corporate Defaults — Assessing the drivers of corporate defaults and their implications to risk management, risk-based pricing, and asset allocation
  • Performance Analysis of Alternative Asset Classes — Understanding risk/return characteristics of investment processes, new product design, and AUM growth strategy
  • Estimation of Economic Capital — Unifying multiple probability distributions corresponding to different risk types using disparate methodologies and systems to create a holistic risk picture and economic capital profile of the organization
  • Decision Support in Customer Relationship Management — Statistically analyzing the diverse issues at the intersection of customer relationship management and credit risk management

We employ advanced statistical models and expert judgment in creating a 360° view on the best possible models for a given problem or strategic need.