Corporate Strategy

Sound corporate strategy is the ultimate realization of the vision, values and philosophy of a firm’s executives and its board. To foster competitiveness and superior economic performance, an organization’s business model must be aligned with its strategic vision, desired risk exposures, and culture.

Adapting to the Ever-Changing “New Normal” – Tilman & Company helps leadership teams shape and articulate their strategy and build their strategic infrastructure: from big picture thinking to processes, capabilities, and implementation. In crafting strategy and building frameworks, we transform boardrooms into state-of-the-art cockpits equipped with essential knowledge, information and tools. Our proprietary approach integrates competitive strategy, broad systemic knowledge, and risk intelligence. [br]

  • Situational Awareness and Systemic Knowledge — Identifying trends, threats and opportunities within the institution and across the economic and competitive landscape [br]
  • Strategic Vision and Action Plans — Articulating the vision for relevance and economic value creation and crafting the value proposition for different stakeholders. Ensuring alignment with external realities and trends [br]
  • Dashboards — Developing performance metrics and measures of success custom-tailored to the firm’s business model and designing risk dashboards conducive to effective decision making and governance [br]
  • Levers, Communication and Culture — Aligning the organization around vision and values, building a common language and utilizing the appropriate channels to communicate and affect change

In the process, the desired role of risk in the business model—and its far-reaching implications for strategy, risk management, organizational design, and communication—are formulated. Greater relevance, strong performance, better decision making, and effective governance follow as a result.