Campus Innovations Group LLC

Campus Innovations Group LLC (CIG) is an integrated investment platform working in partnership with Tilman & Company to develop creative development programs, provide alternative capital, and generate operational efficiencies at private colleges and public universities.

Comprised largely of senior higher education professionals, real estate and capital markets experts, and non-profit executives, CIG works closely with school leadership as a strategic thought partner and capital provider enabling the fulfillment and execution of the institution’s strategic plan, campus master plan, accreditation recommendations, and external relations plan while strengthening their financial position in anticipation of future development needs. Through innovative partnership structures, including its affiliation with Capitol Peak, CIG provides both near-term liquidity and long-term sustainable sources of income to schools.

As educational institutions endeavor to remain relevant and highly competitive, many face challenges as they strive to update infrastructure and facilities, attract and retain top talent, and maintain reasonable tuition rates. To address these and other challenges, CIG assists private colleges and public universities in effectively capturing embedded value in non-core campus assets through operational and financial efficiencies; as well as in creating a best practice environment comprehensively linking people, programs and facilities. Capital is provided by monetizing non-core facility infrastructure and real estate assets such as student housing, conference centers, hospitality, and innovation centers, as well as repurposing existing facilities, and looking at new campus edge development opportunities.

While building a national franchise, CIG is initially focusing its efforts on colleges and universities where CIG’s management team, advisory board and third-party consultants have strong relationships.