About Us

Tilman & Company was created to transform risk intelligence into a cornerstone of effective strategic actions and superior performance. Working with senior executives and boards of directors on mission-critical initiatives, we deliver effective, customized advice and solutions by leveraging our unique expertise and proprietary capabilities.

The Science of Value Creation™

Our integrated practice areas mirror our clients’ organizations, ensuring alignment and the ability to deliver effective solutions across critical corporate disciplines. Positioning clients for sustainable growth and relevance, we fully integrate risk intelligence into executive and investment decisions, organizational structures, governance, communication, and corporate culture.

  • Grow Earnings and Enhance Investment Returns – Enabling clients to dynamically retain calculated risks and eliminate undesirable risks by actively managing portfolios and balance sheets, developing new products and services, reshaping business models, and positioning themselves for optimal value creation
  • Deliver Lasting Performance – Facilitating dynamic capital allocation within and across businesses through a rigorous, strategic, and integrated risk-intelligent approach
  • Build Cultures and Brands that Endure – Aligning human capital, processes, technology, and communication around the corporate vision

Our culture rewards creative ideas and an unwavering commitment to our clients. Our foremost priority is to deliver best-in-class advice and solutions. We ensure each recommendation, project, or interaction is conducted from start to finish with the best ideas and highest degree of accountability and integrity. Successful solutions — as well as rewarding and lasting client relationships — follow as a result.

Our executives and senior professionals lead interdisciplinary teams of strategists, quantitative analysts, and spets in corporate finance, risk management, data analysts, management science, and communications. These teams are custom-tailored to each engagement, ensuring that our clients benefit from the right talent and expertise.